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Tahlia Sage

Founder, Nutritionist

BSci (Hons) (Food Nutrition and Health), CNP, RNCP/ROHP

Tahlia Sage is the founder of Tahlia Sage Wellness and new partner at Healing House Natural Wellness, she is also an instructor at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition.
Her coaching practice helps clients achieve their wellness goals by embracing functional foods and healthy lifestyle changes. Tahlia’s own health challenges and weight issues prompted her to pursue an education in nutritional science and holistic nutrition. Tahlia empowers her clients to regain balance with easy, concrete steps.

​To Tahlia, holistic nutrition is a way of using foods as nourishing messages to the body and communicating with our body's innate healing wisdom. "I want my clients to enjoy their health with confidence".  The field of holistic nutrition is based on an evidence-based scientific approach to support the body by providing the nutrients it needs to heal. A holistic nutritionist is a specialized wellness professional who helps clients improve their health using natural foods and products instead of treating isolated symptoms.

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Josh Randall

Director of Marketing

MBA ('19) BA (Hons)

Josh joined Tahlia Sage Wellness in 2020 as marketing lead, having previously led a digital skills training product team as a Program Manager at Simon Fraser University.


Josh is passionate about building new products and services that help people optimize their health and wellness. He has a background in product management, innovation consulting, and digital marketing.


Having overcame an impairing eating disorder in 2015, Josh believes in the transformative power in eating strategically –– packing functional micronutrients into every meal to achieve targeted outcomes. And here's the kicker he says: "it can be done without boring or torturing your tastebuds!"

He is the lead author of Notchup, a new website featuring research articles delving into sustainable products and technologies across a variety of sectors.

Interests: product management, innovation, sustainability, venture capital, business strategy, functional nutrition

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