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We created these 2 quizzes to help you build an intuitive understanding of your current food habits. You can use them separately or together. Check-in with yourself with these quizzes to practice the 'food boss' mindset. 


Use the Sweet Tooth Assessment if you want to:

  • learn unexpected places sugar is hiding

  • learn natural, delicious sweeteners

  • get a snapshot of your current sugar intake


Use the Powerfood Intake Quiz if you want to:

  • learn whether your current food intake supports your wellness goals

  • learn what coloured fruit or vegetables you need more of

  • learn the functions of different types of antioxidants found in plants 


Remember, there's no 'good food' or 'bad food' here! The technique that has helped a lot of my clients conquer guilt or regret associated with cravings and unhealthy eating patterns is setting boundaries, separating foods that nourish your well-being and foods that delight your taste buds and feed your soul. 

Let us know how it goes for you.


In good health,


Sweet Tooth Assessment & Powerfood Intake Assessment

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Savour your health with confidence!