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I’m Tahlia, the nutritionist who will be guiding you through this Challenge.  I want to introduce you to 5 of my most effective strategies for trimming waistlines, improving energy and boosting motivation.  Our team knows you might be trying to get back into your productive groove this time of the year. Our clients loved how they achieved those results quickly using our easy techniques. We get that you have a full plate and we want to help you get started with easy steps. We hope this challenge will give you the inspiration and support to embrace what this year has to offer. We invite you to learn more.



I promise we are not going on a diet! That’s the last thing we need.

Instead, I’m going to walk you through 5 of the most effective, feel-good wellness techniques that have helped my clients achieve incredible results. Their success stories showed me the that best way to achieve long-lasting results is to stack small, but powerful “wins”.

5 days. 5 tips. Let’s savour health with confidence!

We start Feb 1st, 2018


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We helped many clients bridge the gap between their wellness goals and the status quo over the past few years. We find it takes the support, empowerment and guidance from someone who’s been on a wellness journey themselves.


Here is what our clients want to share with you...

I was told I have to take metformin to prevent diabetes and I have to lose some weight. I decided to learn natural ways to control my blood sugar. Tahlia showed me different places carbs are hiding in my diet and I started to plan my meals around vegetables. It wasn’t too hard to adjust to this new way of eating at all. She also planned out an eating schedule that worked to control my hunger. I have lost 15 pounds within 3 weeks after I started to eat the way Tahlia taught me. My blood sugar is back to normal, too!

- Alice

Are you thinking of someone who can benefit from the Savour Your Best Health Challenge with you?

Please invite them to join us because these feel-good techniques will bring a smile to their days as well! Accountability and support have been proven to help to make your success stick. We are a growing supportive community and we would love to have you and your loved ones in it. Please share this link with them so they can join us as well!


Q & A 

Is this Challenge right for me?

  • look and feel your best

  • uplift your energy

  • boost your productivity

  • enhance the quality of your work


If any of these resonates with you, we want to invite you to join us in the Savour Your Best Health 5-Day Challenge. You will start stacking ‘wins’ towards the way you deserve to look and feel. Plus, it’s completely free.

Is this is going to difficult?

These 5 effective wellness techniques are also feel-good, meaning that once you tried them, you will want to keep utilizing them and create long-lasting results. We learned from our clients’ success stories that best way to achieve long-lasting results is to stack small, but powerful “wins”.

Am I going to be hungry?

We are not going on a diet. In fact, we want to add to what you are already eating, inspire you with new ideas and change up your routine.

I invite you to challenge yourself and celebrate how wonderful your body is designed to feel.

5 days, 5 tips.

Let’s savour health with confidence!


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Savour your health with confidence!