Savour your life with confidence

Holistic Nutritionist

(B. Sci, Food, Nutrition & Health, Certified Nutritional Practitioner)

Wellness Educator & Foodie

Over the past few years, I’ve helped clients achieve healthy weight loss and peak performance in life by helping them enjoy food on their own terms. It’s more than just shedding a few pounds. I want to help you create a sustainable and satisfying wellness plan that allows you to live life to the fullest while looking and feeling your best.

I've been there too...

50 lbs heavier than where I am now and face covered in acne, my life was in a very different place. To put things in perspective, I’m 5’1, so the extra weight I was carrying put me nearly into the obese category. After a few failed attempts at dieting and exercising, my health only seemed to get worse. I realized I can’t take my health for granted anymore when one day I felt pins and needles in my knees when I took the stairs. Since then, I’ve determined to find out how to rebuild my health by adding to, instead of restricting my diet. I pursued a degree in nutrition and learned from the best naturopathic doctors to help me find the root cause.


I want to empower you to be in the driver’s seat of how you look and feel so you can take on the world with confidence. We’ll do this by nourishing your body one sweet and savoury bite at a time.

What's holding you back from living your life to the fullest?

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