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2 Practical Ways to Enjoy Sugar This Holiday Season

Today’s post is especially applicable because the holiday is a challenging time for you to make healthy choices. Sugary treats are must haves during the holiday season. Just to name a few of my favourites: ginger bread men, apple pie, pumpkin pie, and hot chocolate.

The last thing we want is getting sick by the end of the holiday season and feeling our favourite outfits getting tighter. Today I want to show you why sugar can dampen your immune system and give you some of my favourite ways to take care of my sweet tooth without depriving myself from all the things I love.

By the way, this is also the second installment of immune boosting tips. Click here to read the previous post.

Mistake #2 Sugar

Without delving into the science right away, I’m sure your observant eyes already spot the similarity between these two molecules.

Vitamin C and glucose (sugar) molecules are structurally similar.

And scientists agree with you. Sugar competes with vitamin C absorption because of this similarity (Dr. John Ely 1970 Glucose-Ascorbate-Antagonism Theory).

Vitamin C is a natural anti-inflammatory. It helps us get over colds and infections faster because it protects our white blood cell from the oxidative damage caused by fighting pathogens and bacteria in the body. There’s a greater need for vitamin C when our body is expose to stress and pathogens. When our body’s ability to absorb vitamin C is blocked by sugar, our immune system is dampened as well.

The Vicious Cycle

Sugar also makes our body lose minerals magnesium and chromium. These 2 minerals are essential for regulating blood sugar and keeping sugar craving under control (Journal of Lab and Clinc Med).

Here are some helpful tips:

Hope these 2 tips can help you stay on track this holiday season.

A big part is having the support you need and willing to take the first step to take care of yourself. What’s your biggest wellness struggle this year?

I’d love to help you connect the dots in a complimentary discovery session (20 min). Email me to book your free consult:

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